How To Build a Prototype

Have you ever had a great invention in mind but don’t know how to turn a concept into a physical product? These tips will help you create a prototype and begin turning your entrepreneurial dream into a reality.


1. Create a Design

First, you’ll need to create a detailed design to determine what you will need and how your product will work. This can be done in several different ways depending on your skill level and needs. You can draw a design on paper, create a virtual design, or construct a three-dimensional design using materials such as cardboard. 

2. Get Parts

Once you’ve determined what you will need to build a prototype, you can begin gathering the parts. Oftentimes, you will require some custom parts built to your specifications. The help of a precision machining company may be needed. These companies can do iron, steel, titanium and even plastic machining Lansdale PA. You may be able to make other materials yourself or find them at hardware stores.

3. Assemble the Item

Now that you have a design and parts ready to go, it is time to assemble the item. As you begin building, you may find that changes need to be made to your design or materials. Repeat steps one through three until you can assemble the product to your liking.

4. Test the Product

By now, you will have a rough draft prototype. You may begin testing the product to determine if it performs as desired. If it does not yet function as needed, repeat steps one through four until you have a fully-functioning prototype.

You now have a completed prototype. What you do next depends on your product, goals and finances. You may begin producing and selling products immediately, start seeking investors, or simply use your product for personal use. No matter what you do with your invention, you can always make changes to your prototype as needed to determine how the product can be improved.

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