Be the General of Your Business

Running your own business is about far more than just knowing the industry and filling a need. To successfully run every aspect of a business you need a host of skills and talents to manage your employees, steer the growth of your company and meet the needs of your customers. The job requires many of the same skills that have served successful generals throughout history. Click here to learn more about the traits and skills that have defined these great leaders.

Leadership must be commanded and respected. Great leaders are never the strong silent type. They take control of a situation and demand that their troops follow the plan to success. And the reason that their subordinates fall into line and follow is not fear but respect. They have witnessed the careful planning and execution of their leaders plans many times and know that he or she will stop at nothing until success is achieved.

Along with that strong leadership comes a few traits that endear a leader even more with the troops. The first is the fact that a good leader will always make honest and ethical decisions. A true leader would never ask his or her followers to do anything that would compromise their morals. And that is because their leader will be standing right next to them as they “go into battle”. Staying connected to employees and understanding their view from the front lines is what fosters comradery and loyalty to a leader and to a cause.

Strong motivation and dedication to any leader comes from ethical action, making well informed and educated decisions and staying connected with those that you are delegating tasks to. Being firm but fair is the best way to show your employees that you care about the business, the outcome and your employee’s well-being; and that you care about them all in equal proportion. Click here to learn more about how generals build the skills to lead their troops to greatness.

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